The International Loan Conditions for the Objects from the Collection of the National Gallery in Prague

  1. Loan requests for the purpose of exhibition

Works of art (artworks, cultural objects, collection items) are loaned by the National Gallery in Prague (hereinafter only as “National Gallery”) for the purpose of exhibition solely to institutions specializing in exhibition activities, such as museums, art galleries and exhibition halls. Loans for decoration purposes are never granted.

In general, the National Gallery will not consent to a loan request, where a work of art is on display in its long-term exhibition (an exclusion from this rule can be arranged based on a reciprocal loan that would be an adequate substitute for the loaned work from the National Gallery’s long-term exhibition). Analogously, a loan of a collection object cannot be granted should its handling threaten to damage its physical condition, with the same applying to loans of artworks that are undergoing restoration, examination, etc.

All loan requests are submitted exclusively in writing to the National Gallery’s headquarter address hereunder:

Národní galerie v Praze
Palác Kinských
Staroměstské náměstí 12
110 15 Praha 1
Czech Republic

A written request for a international loan of a collection object from the National Gallery is submitted at least 12 months prior to the opening of an exhibition. In general, where a request for an artwork loan is concerned, the National Gallery may to negotiate a reciprocal loan of an artwork.

The NG reguests to cover the aministration fee of 350,- EUR per piece.

The National Gallery is prohibited from lending artworks abroad, unless sufficient legal guarantees for their return to the Czech Republic are provided.

Applicants for a loan also requesting its photographic documentation should attach a request for this documentation into the loan request. Information on the granting of photographic documentation is provided in a separate file titled “The Conditions for Providing of Artworks in the Collections of the National Gallery in Prague”.

A written loan request should include:

  1. The applicant’s identification information (in case of a legal entity, its name, address, company ID number and the designation of its statutory body)
  2. Information about the exhibition project for which the National Gallery’s cultural object is to be loaned
  3. Information about the location (address) and the exact date of the cultural object’s intended display, safety and climatic conditions and other parameters (Facility Reports; see for illustration one such form attached herewith) pertinent to the exhibition premises.
  4. A description of the requested National Gallery’s cultural object (authorship, title, dimensions, media and inventory number); should further works be requested, a list describing each object should be submitted
  5. The signature of the statutory body of the legal entity applying for the loan.

Notes on Points 3 and 4 of the written loan request:

  • The environmental protection of cultural objects requires – customarily in the case of paintings – 50% to 60% relative humidity, temperature between 16 and 18° C, light levels of no more than 50 lux, and the period of exhibition of a maximum of three and a half months. For further specifications of the above conditions, see pdf (in Czech). The temperature and light conditions for a specific work of art can be consulted with the National Gallery’s art restoration department, for example at the email address:
  • In order to identify a National Gallery’s collection item, loan applicants can check the Researchers’ Guidelines of the National Gallery in Prague (“Badatelský řád Národní galerie v Praze” ) or they can look up the particular art object in the National Gallery’s Collections Catalogue (“Katalog sbírek NG” ) available (in Czech) on the Web page of the National Gallery in Prague.

Approval of a loan request for an artwork from the National Gallery´s collection cannot be legally enforced.

  1. The conditions for art loans approved by the National Gallery in Prague:

When an art loan is approved, the National Gallery draws up a Loan Agreement. This Agreement includes the identification of the Lender (The National Gallery in Prague), and the Borrower (the applicant requesting a loan of an artwork from the National Gallery), identification of the cultural object (artwork), safety and climatic conditions for the protection and placement of the work of art, including instructions stating that the art object is the property of the Czech Republic and cannot be used for any other purpose than that specified in the Loan Agreement. Furthermore, the Borrower is contractually bound by the Loan Agreement to credit the name of the Lender in the exhibition catalogue and all other printed materials, exhibition tags and all other possible forms of communication and to provide the National Gallery with printed matter relating to the exhibition (e.g. an exhibition catalogue).

Should the Borrower request the National Gallery’s collaboration and co-organization of the exhibition, which is usually the case with the loan of a set of artworks, the Borrower will state this fact in the written loan request, to which the Borrower’s concept of such collaboration or co-organization will be attached. Afterwards, the National Gallery will draw up a Loan Agreement and a Collaboration Agreement, in which such cooperation between the Borrower and the National Gallery will be precisely specified.

Further facts that the National Gallery deems important are stated in the Art Loan Agreement:

  1. An insurance contract on the art loan is arranged exclusively by the National Gallery in Prague, and is concluded with insurance companies that the National Gallery selects for this purpose through a selection procedure. Insurance costs are covered by the Borrower. The National Gallery in Prague can express consent with a state indemnity and exceptionally also with commercial insurance proposed by the Borrower.
  1. The National Gallery insures the loans of artworks abroad for all risks from “nail to nail” (“wall to wall”).
  1. The National Gallery determines the manner in which the cultural object will be packed and specifies the requirements for its transport from the National Gallery in Prague to the Borrower and back.
  2. Apart from the insurance, the Borrower will cover all further expenses related to the realization of the loan of the artwork, such as its conservation when needed, packing and transportation. In the Loan Agreement, the Borrower also undertakes to cover all potential damage to the artwork that could occur during the realization of the exhibition, including compensation for its potential destruction or loss. The Borrower will also cover all expenses ensuing from the accompaniment of the artwork by a courier who is an employee of the National Gallery in Prague (accommodation, travel expenses and per diems).

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